Rogue One: Alan Tudyk Reveals Humorous Deleted Scenes Details

Rogue One: Alan Tudyk Reveals Humorous Deleted Scenes Details

Like all the other Star Wars films before it, this December’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will add to the franchise’s already impressive roster of characters. This means that new actors have the opportunity to play in a galaxy far, far away and (hopefully) endear themselves to fans. One of the more interesting fresh faces in the spinoff is the droid K-2SO, an Imperial robot that was reprogrammed by the Rebel Alliance to fight for their cause. Fan-favorite actor Alan Tudyk is portraying K-2SO via motion-capture, and his brief moments in the trailers have hinted at something fun and special.

One of the benefits of motion-capture is that it creates the possibility for the same actor to play multiple roles in the same movie, including an in-the-flesh cameo for attentive viewers to catch. During the production of Rogue One, this was the plan for Tudyk, but he recently revealed that an amusing bit part he filmed has been left on the cutting room floor.

Taking part in a Reddit AMA (hat tip Star Wars News Net), Tudyk was of course inquired about Star Wars. He stated that he shot a scene as his Con Man character Wray Nerely (a fictional version of Tudyk), who would have appeared in Rogue One as a pilot. Check out his full response below:

“Yeah, I guess it’s a cameo — Wray Nerely, so the character that I play in Con Man. Sort of my alter ego in Con Man had a role in Rouge One Star Wars I played a pilot, and the scene got cut I just found out. Like did Wray Nerely survive? I was really looking forward to seeing Wray Nerely in Star Wars, but truthfully Wray Nerely would never get that good of a job. So it was probably pretty good that he didn’t.”

Rogue One: Alan Tudyk Reveals Humorous Deleted Scenes Details

There’s no denying that this would have been a fun Easter egg for Con Man fans, so it’s disappointing that it was removed from the final film. That said, chances are the footage will not be lost forever. Star Wars home media releases are known for including a bevy of deleted scenes, so viewers should be able to see Tudyk behind the controls of a ship (probably an X-wing) in due time. As for why director Gareth Edwards decided to cut Wray Nerely from Rogue One, chances are this was just a random cutaway during a space battle and didn’t have any major ramifications on the main narrative. As Tudyk jokes, the character’s bad luck strikes again.

The good news for Tudyk is that he can leave his mark on Rogue One in a far more substantial way as K-2SO. Droids are typically scene-stealers in this series (think BB-8), so the hope is Kaytoo gets a moment or two to stand out. The actor has described how K-2SO’s personality is essentially the polar opposite of C-3PO, previously stating that Kaytoo has no qualms about saying insulting things. Still, there’s an element of heart to the character, as he has a love for Captain Cassian Andor, the Rebel intelligence officer who freed Kaytoo of his Imperial programming. Tudyk could make audiences laugh and cry with his work, and it should be a treat to watch him perform.


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