Rogue One: Details On Darth Vader’s Castle Revealed

Rogue One: Details On Darth Vader's Castle Revealed
Rogue One Official Trailer 2 Still Darth Vader featured Rogue One: Details On Darth Vaders Castle Revealed

Ever since the Rogue One teaser trailer was unveiled, fans knew that Vader does not stay in this facility alone. There is at least one attendant who sees to his Dark Lord’s needs. The hooded figure who kneels in front of the bacta tank goes by the name of Vanee (who is not Snoke, so kill those theories now). Not much is known about him, but the character could perhaps be fleshed out in the canon further down the road. The Art of Rogue One suggests that the Mustafar castle could appear in future Star Wars media, be it a novel, comic, or another film. Since the Star Wars galaxy is expanding more than ever with new content, the story group meticulously plans everything and keeps the big picture in mind.

Regardless of whether or not we see the lair again, there’s no denying that it was a fascinating addition to Rogue One that added more layers to Darth Vader. Audiences have seen him in positions of vulnerability before (when his helmet is lowered in Empire Strikes Back), but the bacta tank image was a whole new representation of that. It served as a cruel reminder of the man Vader once was and what he must go through to retain a semblance of a “normal” existence. It’s also interesting to see Vader completely removed from his signature suit for the first time on film, showing that he wasn’t permanently restrained inside it and looked for other methods to deal with his condition. Hopefully, Lucasfilm has plans to explore this location more, since it was certainly intriguing for many.


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