Rogue One Embargo Lifts December 13; Premiere Will be Live-Streamed

Star Wars Rogue One Banner Rogue One Embargo Lifts December 13; Premiere Will be Live Streamed

The time has almost come for Disney and Lucasfilm to debut the latest chapter in the Star Wars universe. Unlike the previous seven films, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is taking a break from the saga story and introducing audiences to the idea of standalone films in the galaxy far, far away. Lucasfilm has done its best to manage expectations for their self-proclaimed experiment, but that has not stopped Rogue One from building on the success of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

The movie has just now finished the post-production process, but everyone is eager to see what director Gareth Edwards and company have in store. Rogue One recently became the best pre-selling movie of 2016 and is currently on track for upwards of $130 million in its opening weekend. However, that number could be altered by the reception Rogue One gets from critics. Shortly after the premiere is live-streamed for free, those in attendance and press who see the movie after will be able to share their thoughts once the embargo lifts.

The Star Wars Show revealed that the LA red carpet premiere for Rogue One will be live-streamed online for fans to watch. Typically this will include a few clips from the movie and interviews with those in attendance, which could include other members of the Star Wars family not included in this film. Meanwhile, film critic Alan Zilberman has revealed when the critical response will be unleashed. Similarly to The Force Awakens, the embargo lifts just before the worldwide release.

The decision to feature a live-stream of the premiere has become a common tradition with big Disney films and across Hollywood, so the announcement that Rogue One will partake in this is no surprise. Hopefully it will give some of the newer faces to the Star Wars family, such as Emilia Clarke or Donald Glover, a chance to be introduced to the community and provide insight on their characters.

The embargo lifting so close to the worldwide premiere is another move that is not completely surprising. Disney and Lucasfilm did the same thing with The Force Awakens to prevent spoilers from coming out. Normally a late lifting embargo such as this is cause for concern over the studio not having confidence in the final product, but that is hopefully not the case. Rogue One is set to kick off a (potential) wave of standalone films in this universe and it would not help the studios if this stumbled out the gate.

The hope is Lucasfilm is doing the best they can to limit plot spoilers from coming out, but given the fact the movie is a prequel to Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, the outcome of the film is largely already known. Everyone knows that Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and her band of Rebels will succeed in stealing the plans to the Death Star and may likely die in the process, so what exact spoilers they are trying to protect is a mystery. If protecting spoilers isn’t the case and they are trying to hide the possibility of Rogue One not being as good as anticipated, then the late embargo could be a potential (however unlikely) reason to worry.

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