Shane Black’s The Predator Working Title Revealed

Shane Black's The Predator Working Title Revealed

Since announcing that a new movie based on the homicidal space alien more commonly known as The Predator was on its way, director Shane Black has been careful not to reveal too much too early on. Fans of the original 1987 Predator movie, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and followed a group of special ops forces as they battled an all powerful alien entity in a South American jungle, arguably see the movie as one of the most iconic action films of all time.

With Predator’s history and fanbase what it is, Black certainly has his work cut out for him. However, the fact that Black starred in the original film has perhaps imparted upon him a familiarity with the material that other directors wouldn’t have, which could also be fueling a stronger desire to do right by the movie and its fans. Black has previously teased elements of the new film, with everything from the feel of it, to the look of the Predator itself being mentioned. Yet even as fans eagerly collect these crumbs of information, we still don’t have so much as a plot outline, or for that matter, an official confirmed title.

While we’ll have to continue to wait for word on the plot, we now have (courtesy of Comic Book) an official working title for The Predator, which is Ollie. It seems that Black is continuing with his efforts to ensure that this film supplies no easy answers to the public until the time is right. At present there is no explanation as to what significance Ollie could have in terms of the film’s plot, locations, characters – nothing at all.

Earlier this year it was reported that production on The Predator (or Ollie, if you prefer) was set to begin in Vancouver on September 26th, 2016 but as of this writing, there has been no such confirmation that filming is currently taking place – only that the film’s release has been bumped ahead.  As a matter of fact, to date there’s yet to be a confirmed cast list, with names like Benecio Del Toro, James Franco and Arnold Schwarzenegger still floating around, teasing the imaginations of fans. As if all of this wasn’t intriguing enough, Black decides to drop this rather bizarre and utterly random seeming working title on us all.

Shane Black's The Predator Working Title Revealed

One thing to keep in mind in terms of the working title is that it very well could simply be a distraction which plays no significant role in the film’s makeup. Consider the names Primevil, Hunter and Alien Hunter. Recognize them? Probably not, but all three of them were at one time or another, working titles for the original 1987 Predator film. Granted, those three titles sound a little more badass than Ollie, but the point remains the same; working titles are temporary and don’t always reflect what the film is about.

It’s already clear at this point Shane Black is doing everything he can to ensure that when Ollie finishes production and is unleashed on audiences, the “event” film he promised will be real. There’s no guarantee that Ollie will be good or bad at this point, but with the mystery that currently surrounds this film likely to build over the coming months, it’s understandable why anyone with even a slight interest in Black’s efforts would want to head to theaters and check it out.

Ollie (aka The Predator) opens in U.S. theaters February 9th, 2018


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