Spider-Man: Homecoming CCXP Footage Description Confirms Web Wings

Spider-Man: Homecoming CCXP Footage Description Confirms Web Wings
spider man doctor octopus cover Spider Man: Homecoming CCXP Footage Description Confirms Web Wings

Peter Parker’s Spider-Man has been armed with “web wings” in comic books past, allowing him to sail through the air (much like a base jumper does) when he’s not swinging from building to building. As mentioned, it has been rumored in the past that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) would be providing Peter with this particular tech upgrade in Homecoming – and odds are it’s not the only “upgrade” that Tony provides the web-slinger with in his first post-Captain America: Civil War adventure.

Peter could use the extra help too, seeing as his main opponent in Homecoming is going to be the teched-out baddie The Vulture (Michael Keaton); not to mention, the threats poised by other supporting villains in this movie, who are also powered by dangerous tech of their own. It seems unlikely that the Homecoming trailer attached to Rogue One will show off too much of either Spidey and/or his enemies’ tech in the film, based on the expectation that it’s just a teaser. Still, the trailer should at least include the web wings footage that was shown at CCXP.

The Homecoming footage shown at San Diego Comic-Con this past summer focused more on Peter’s daily life in high school, rather than his superhero activities on the side. It will be interesting to see how the first proper Homecoming trailer goes about splitting its focus between the movie’s MCU superhero elements and John Hughes-style high school antics, if only because it could set a precedent for the rest of the marketing campaign for Spidey’s next big screen adventure.


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