Spider-Man: Homecoming is Getting a Prequel Comic Book

Spider-Man: Homecoming is Getting a Prequel Comic Book

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the next major entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after November’s long-awaited Doctor Strange, and it will also mark another turning point for the studio’s grand shared-universe experiment: The first installment being co-produced with another studio in Sony Pictures. It will also mark the first time a hero’s solo film debut won’t be an origin story, as Spider-Man has already been established to exist in Captain America: Civil War.

Now, word has arrived that a new prequel comic will explore the hero’s background further prior to the film’s release.

Appearing today in a listing on Amazon [h/t MCU Exchange], the prequel comic is titled Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude and is set for a June release two weeks prior to the U.S. launch of the film itself. No major plot details are revealed, but the ad copy for the title indicates that it will take place before the film and is meant to serve as an introduction to the broader world of this latest incarnation of Peter Parker. From the listing:

“You adored his introduction in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, you can’t wait for his Hollywood Homecoming – now really get to know the Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this prelude to his big-screen solo adventure! By day, young Peter Parker attends high school and lives with his Aunt May. By night, he fights crime with wall-crawling powers and web-swinging tech – and he’s destined to one day have an amazing, spectacular, sensational reputation as his neighborhood’s friendly hero! Join Marvel’s Spider-Man as he makes his first tentative web-swings towards a blockbuster future!”

Spider-Man: Homecoming is Getting a Prequel Comic Book

Left unsaid is where the comic takes place in the timeline of the film and broader Marvel Cinematic Universe. By the time Peter Parker appeared in Captain America: Civil War, he had already acquired his powers, Uncle Ben Parker was implied to have already died and Peter had already been active as Spider-Man for some time. It’s possible that “Prelude” may offer a first look at the MCU version of Peter’s origin story, but it’s equally likely that the comic may be set after Civil War but before the main feature – possibly to help introduce the large supporting cast of schoolmates and teachers said to be a key part of the film.

Details on the full storyline of the film have been kept largely secret, up to and including the official identities of the prospective villains and the names of several key characters. It’s believed that the film will take place primarily in and around Peter Parker’s High School and circle of teenage friends, and will involve a cameo appearance by Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man/Tony Star in an unspecified capacity.


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