Spider-Man: Homecoming — Possible Vulture Concept Art

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Possible Vulture Concept Art

Prior to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man battled many foes on the big screen across two different franchises consisting of five films in total. Green Goblin, Sandman, Venom, Doc Oc, The Lizard, Rhino, and Electro have all been given a chance to defeat the friendly neighborhood superhero, but none were victorious. With Tom Holland now under the costume after his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War, his solo film Spider-Man: Homecoming will give audiences a chance to see what Holland’s Peter Parker can do on his own – and with a new foe (or two) for him to go up against.

Sony and Marvel Studios have yet to properly confirm as much, but Michael Keaton is playing the lead villain in Homecoming: Adrian Toomes aka Vulture. While images of the other villains of the film, Shocker, have been leaked online, only a piece of official concept art show what the MCU’s Vulture will look like. Now, a potential new look at the villain has leaked online.

A Reddit user (via MCUExchange) has revealed what could be another design of Vulture. The leaked photo has no immediate affiliation with Marvel or Sony, so the photo/design could turn out to be a fake. However, it does look pretty similar to the design of the character from the previously-revealed Homecoming concept art.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Possible Vulture Concept Art

There are clear similarities between the official and unofficial (?) Vulture concept art. The mechanical design stays the same for his claws, wings, and helmet, while the green pants and pilot’s jacket are once again matches. The biggest difference is the size of the wings themselves. The wings in the leaked photo are much smaller then in the official Homecoming concept art.

While this is a potential red flag for the authenticity of this new artwork, superhero movies often have the hero and villain face off at least once before their final showdown. This could be the case here too, with this Vulture design in these new images being the first suit that Toomes wears, before possibly upgrading his equipment (with help from his associate, The Tinkerer) when he tries to finish off the wall-crawler for good.

This photo appears to feature the Vulture on a platform or stand, with a clear brace on the model with the wings spread. It’s possible, then, that these images are for a Vulture action figure that’s part of the upcoming Homecoming line of toys. Until another (more official) look at Vulture is revealed, this photo should be taken with a grain of salt, even though it could well prove to be legit.


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