Star Wars: Donald Glover Explains His Approach To Playing Lando

Star Wars: Donald Glover Explains His Approach To Playing Lando
Donald Glover in Atlanta Season 1 Episode 10 Star Wars: Donald Glover Explains His Approach To Playing Lando

Given that the new film will be directed by Chris Miller & Phil Lord, the team behind the Jump Street franchise and The LEGO Movie, the movie is bound to be plenty cool. It’s going to be written by veteran Star Wars writer Lawrence Kasdan and his son, ensuring the film will stay true to the version of Lando first seen in Empire Strikes Back. That said, the film will delve into both Lando and Han’s early lives, so there’s bound to be some changes. Glover went on to talk about how, in the decades since the character was first introduced, the perception of “cool” has gone through a lot of changes.

I was watching Black Mirror, and there’s an episode where they go through time and in the ’50s, there’s a nerd, and by the time he gets to the 2000s, he’s just a hipster. He’s not a nerd anymore. Cool changes depending on the perspective. Also, it’s fun because [the Han Solo movie is set] before [Empire Strikes Back], so he’s still figuring it out a little bit, which is fun.”

Without giving anything away, Rogue One has already shown that the new Lucasfilm story group has a better handle on how to integrate classic characters from the franchise into prequels in a way that Episodes I-III could never quite manage. The Han Solo, er, solo film will be the true test of whether a batch of well-known players from the original franchise can have their roles recast and their early days examined and still hold up to scrutiny. Make sure to check out the full interview, as Favreau, Glover, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and a few other rising stars all have a very lengthy roundtable discussion about their craft. While we await more news about the Han Solo film, keep your eyes on the site for all things Star Wars.


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