Star Wars Fan Writes Rogue One Text Crawl

Star Wars Fan Writes Rogue One Text Crawl
rogue one star wars cast photo Star Wars Fan Gives Rogue One A Text Crawl

The text crawl is not the only constant element in a Star Wars movie missing in Rogue One; those wiping transitions some fans love and others truly dislike are nowhere to be seen, and there’s also a lack of Skywalkers, which might be refreshing for some. The creator of the crawl, Dan Perri, recently said that it is a “huge mistake” not adding it to Rogue One as it’s an iconic image that is “so important to tens of millions, hundreds of millions of fans,” adding that it’s “foolish” to not have it.

It’s up to every Star Wars fan if Rogue One needed that classic element at the beginning of the movie or if it’s better off without it – truth is that by taking it out the studio made a big difference between the episodes and the first anthology movie, and even though it would have been useful in order to give context to those who are not familiar with the saga or those with slippery memory, the story can hold itself without it.

Source: Reddit (via Star Wars News Net)


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