Star Wars: Rogue One — A Closer Look at K-2SO

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story introduced one of the franchise’s most popular new characters in K-2SO, the reprogrammed Imperial droid voiced by Alan Tudyk. K-2SO’s combination of brute strength, technological capabilities, and witty one-liners made him one of the most entertaining characters of any species in Rogue One. And making the droid a reality was one of the movie’s most uniquely challenging production tasks.

Tudyk’s most memorable moments in Rogue One as K-2SO came, of course, from his dialogue. He did an exceptional job with his voice acting to bring the character to life. But you may be unaware that Tudyk did not just record his voice for the droid; he donned a motion-capture suit and delivered the entire performance himself. In a movie filled with scrappy human rebels, Tudyk embodied his CGI droid character as well as anyone – and his work is on full display in a new behind-the-scenes look at the character.

The Star Wars YouTube channel just released a 60-second featurette that offers a closer look at Tudyk’s work in breathing life into K-2SO, which he did through live motion-capture performances on the set. The video shows Tudyk in his motion-capture suit delivering some of the droid’s best lines and going to battle with the group of rebels at the heart of Rogue One. Tudyk is shown wearing small stilts while performing, which accommodated for K-2SO’s immense size, gangly frame, and rigid gait.

Alan Tudyk as K 2SO in Rogue One A Star Wars Story 2 Star Wars: Rogue One   A Closer Look at K 2SO

“This is great because it’s like when you’re a kid and you’re playing Star Wars,” Tudyk says in the video while on-set between takes. “Actual things are blowing up, huge things on fire – it’s the best version for the kid that still lives inside of you.”

Tudyk’s comments in the video illustrate the new generation of people who grew up watching and enjoying the original Star Wars trilogy, only to participate in the production of a new Star Wars adventure themselves. His enthusiasm for the project certainly shines through in his performance as K-2SO, who is described in the video as “the anti-C-3PO.” But despite his sarcastic, sometimes mean-spirited demeanor, K-2SO turns out to be as noble and heroic to the rebel cause as any human character.

The featurette is eye-opening for fans who wished to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the production brought the droid to life on the big screen. It’s also a fleeting look at a character that would arguably warrant more content devoted to the work that the Rogue One visual effects team put into the character. But the video is a nonetheless interesting peek behind the curtain of Tudyk’s work in making K-2SO one of Rogue One‘s true standouts.


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