Star Wars: Rogue One Alternate Character Designs Revealed

This week has been a big one for Star Wars fans, as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story finally hit theaters. Now that the film is out, fans can begin analyzing it for even more Easter eggs and reference to other Star Wars films and beyond. That’s going to require a lot of dedication on behalf of the audience, but it may well result in an all-new appreciation for the movie and what it brings to the ever-expanding Star Wars mythos.

As fans are busy scouring the finished product, more tidbits about the film’s preproduction have also begun to emerge. It was recently revealed that Donnie Yen almost made a huge mistake and nearly missed out appearing in the film as Chirrut Imwe. Meanwhile, some alternate designs for new droid K-2SO have popped up, along with an original sketch for the Rogue One crew. As it turns out, that was just the beginning of the new pieces of concept art.

Now, courtesy of EW (via /Film and io9), fans can get their first look at a number of alternate designs from the new book, The Art of Rogue One. Check them out in the gallery below:

The book itself looks to be a treasure trove taking up hours of any fan’s time, as the large batch of images released offer a variety of alternate looks and early designs from the film. Some are slight variations, but many are complete deviations from what eventually made it into the finished product. In addition to the ones in the above gallery, there are a few different takes on Jyn Erso, a bizarre version of Saw Gerrera as crude behemoth, and a concept for some long-legged aliens for Stormtroopers to ride. There are also a couple more variations on K-2SO and a look at some non-human characters that may have joined the crew.

Considering the movie hasn’t even been out a week and Lucasfilm is already keen to reveal so much about it, there’s a good chance even more information about the making of the movie will be on its way. Now that the film is out, the studio can take a moment to let Rogue One enjoy the spotlight before releasing a teaser for next year’s Episode VIII in the spring. Until then, fans can continue to pour over all of these images to see if any new secrets are revealed or theories are validated.


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