Star Wars: Rogue One Reshoots Are Because Lucasfilm ‘Really Cares’

Star Wars: Rogue One Reshoots Are Because Lucasfilm 'Really Cares'
Star Wars Rogue On Riz Ahmed Bodhi Rook Star Wars: Rogue One Reshoots Are Because Lucasfilm Really Cares

Ahmed makes a good point. The easy way out would be to gloss over any problems the initial cut had, but the team instead decided to take advantage of their endless resources and put in the hard work to make Rogue One right. There’s a lot riding on the film, since it is the first installment in the series to take place outside of the main Skywalker family saga. Disney’s plan is to release a new Star Wars entry each year for the foreseeable future, and Kennedy has talked about the core saga coming to a close eventually. It’s important that these anthology projects are hits from both a critical and commercial perspective; all it takes is one misstep for everything to go awry. If “a ton of reshoots” were required to improve Rogue One, then that’s the way to go.

Fortunately, it seems like the tumultuous process was worth it and Rogue One will ultimately go down as another worthwhile trip to the beloved universe. As Edwards told the L.A. Times, some of the best films have infamous stories about how difficult they were to make (with the original Star Wars being no exception). He likened his experience of directing Rogue One to the mission Jyn Erso and company embark on, saying, “You end up feeling like the characters in the film, that we’re trying to do this impossible task. Their pretend one is to steal the Death Star plans but the actual one is to make a great Star Wars film.” Given that Rogue One has the stamp of approval of George Lucas himself, Edwards was successful.


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