Star Wars: Rogue One Video — Captain Cassian Andor Goes to War

There are only a couple weeks left until the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and many have plenty of reasons to be excited. As the first entry in a series of spin-off films, Rogue One will be expanding on a storyline about Death Star plans merely referenced in the opening text of 1977’s Star Wars. Now a diverse group of actors have been brought together to play this out. This cast must certainly be among those excited, as many of them grew up watching the original Star Wars films, only to now find themselves performing in that very universe.

Given the wild success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens last December, Disney is fittingly making sure to go all out for this new film. A brief special look at the film was released over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and that was followed up by an extended story-focused trailer. Adding on to that list of videos is a new featurette that places the perspective on one of the cast members.

As seen in the embedded video titled “Living in Star Wars” above, Diego Luna is given focus. He expresses the amount of joy he’s had in being a new part of the Star Wars universe and the challenge of being an actor who gets to both deal with drama and beat up stormtroopers. There are also bits of (previously seen) footage scattered throughout, highlighting what we have seen of Luna’s Cassian Andor so far. The clip only lasts for about a minute, but Luna’s joy in acting in this sort of film seems to equate to a kid playing with his newest Star Wars toys at home.

diego luna in rogue one featurette Star Wars: Rogue One Video   Captain Cassian Andor Goes to War

In the film, Luna will be playing Captain Cassian Andor, an intelligence officer in the Rebel Alliance and a veteran spy of the Rebellion. At some point Andor reprogrammed the Imperial security droid K-2SO to serve the Alliance. Andor will be responsible for looking after Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso character, as her team attempts to recover the Death Star plans.

Ideally this will all play into making Luna a solid presence in a film that features an ensemble cast. Given the number of stars in Rogue One, each will need some decent character development to make them stand out. The joy will hopefully come from the actors having the kind of energy Luna shows in this little video and seeing that realized on screen in a way somewhat similar to the new cast in The Force Awakens – albeit in whatever darker, grittier way supposedly intended for this particular spinoff.


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