Star Wars: Rogue One’s Diego Luna on Meeting Darth Vader

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Star Wars: Rogue One's Diego Luna on Meeting Darth Vader
Star Wars Rogue One Jyn and Cassian Star Wars: Rogue Ones Diego Luna on Meeting Darth Vader

“And I just went like, ‘Oh no, oh no,’ and I could see Gareth’s face, and he had the same expression, you know? We suddenly went to 6-year-old kids, and we turn and there he is… Darth standing there. He’s taller than you, my friend [gesturing to the 6′ 5″ host Michael Strahan]. You’d feel terrible standing next to him.

“He’s there [breathes again] and then says, ‘Should I come in through the left or the right?’”

The extent of Darth Vader’s role in Rogue One is still unclear and it’s uncertain whether or not Luna’s character himself will even share a scene with him in the film. That said, the chance to meet the Dark Lord in person is probably something that would give any fan a thrill.

Part of what makes Darth Vader intimidating is his simple, menacing look. With a black mask shaped like a straight-faced scowl, a massive frame, and a swishy cape to emphasize his forceful movements, the costume by itself would be enough to make a grown man nervous. Add in the air devouring sound effect, and it’s enough to make anybody feel like a kid again. Hopefully, Vader will have the same effect on moviegoers when he returns to theaters later this month.

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