Suicide Squad Concept Art Reveals Alternate Enchantress & Harley Designs

Suicide Squad Concept Art Reveals Alternate Enchantress & Harley Designs

After the mixed response to both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeSuicide Squad quickly became a movie that everyone hoped would turn the newly launched DCEU around. Thanks to a talented director in David Ayer, a cast led by Will Smith and Margot Robbie, and the fun, bright nature of the trailers, there were plenty of reasons to believe that this could be the case. Instead, Suicide Squad marked the third straight movie by Warner Bros. and DC Films to receive a less than favorable reaction.

While DC is currently hoping to course correct their comic book universe with Wonder Woman and Justice League next year, they are slowly starting to regain the favor of audiences. Throughout all of the different complaints with Suicide Squad, the way in which Enchantress was used was a common occurrence. While her look and movement have been criticized, it appears she almost looked completely different.

Concept artist Christian Lorenz Scheurer has posted some of the illustrations he did for Suicide Squad on his official website (via CBM). The majority of the art was focused on alternate designs for Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress costume, most of which are much crazier than the final design. Scheurer also created stills for a scene on a bridge with Harley and Joker that was cut from the film, as well as the moment in which Harley leaps off the building to try and escape with her love.

It is clear from this concept art alone that they experimented with many different looks for Delevingne to wear when Enchantress achieved her full form after escaping from Task Force X and Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). The alternate designs created by Scheurer showcase either bright colors or have a heavy presence of eyeballs, neither of which appear to have been adapted for the final version of the costume. These alternate designs do not seem to match the reality in which these movies take place at this moment, but after the cold reception to the character to begin with, maybe a different costume would have helped change that perception.

Meanwhile, the scene depicted between Joker and Harley appears to be new, and if it was realized fully on set, then it could be a candidate to be inserted into the extended cut coming to the home release of Suicide Squad. Audiences generally enjoyed Robbie as Harley Quinn and wanted to see more of Jared Leto’s Joker, so a scene of them together prior to the events currently taking place in the film would give audiences a chance to see more of both characters.

Suicide Squad will be available on digital November 15, 2016 and Blu-ray December 13, 2016.


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