Suicide Squad Extended Blu-ray Clip: Harley Chases Down Joker

At this point, everyone reading this is likely quite familiar with the tale of how the third DCEU entry, Suicide Squad, prompted polarizing responses from critics and fans in particular. At the end of the day however, moviegoers at large didn’t shy away from checking out the film, allowing it to haul in a hefty total of nearly $745 million worldwide on a budget of $175 million.

However, if there was one criticism a large contingent of those who enjoyed Suicide Squad could agree on, it was that Jared Leto’s extremely unique reinvention of The Joker was not given nearly enough screen time in the theatrical cut of David Ayer’s blockbuster film. Leto’s Joker received largely positive marks from those who liked the movie as a whole, but many felt that he was given the cinematic short shrift – especially when one considers just how much he was featured in the trailers and other marketing materials that preceded Suicide Squad’s summer 2016 release. This stance has been very publicly supported by Leto himself, who has expressed frustration with just how much of his work was left on the cutting room floor.

Thankfully for those interested, Suicide Squad is set to hit Blu-ray and DVD next month, complete with an extended cut. This cut runs a full 13 minutes longer than the theatrical version, and one assumes that a good chunk of this material will include at least some of the missing Joker scenes Leto has mentioned in interviews. To whet fans’ appetites, Warner Bros. has released a new clip from the Squad extended cut – via EW – that features a pre-transformation Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) chasing down her beloved Mr. J on a motorcycle. Check it out in full above.

Suicide Squad Extended Blu-ray Clip: Harley Chases Down Joker

The above clip is sure to delight many Suicide Squad fans – as in addition to the general opinion that The Joker was underutilized in the theatrical cut, some viewers felt that there wasn’t nearly enough material to establish the unbreakable psychotic love between he and Harley. In the theatrical version, most of the scenes between the two characters prior to Harley taking her infamous chemical bath are covered in a single short flashback sequence.

One could argue that DC fans would be familiar enough with the couple to not need further explanation, but that doesn’t mean more scenes of Leto and Robbie bouncing off each other aren’t welcome regardless. If all the missing Joker material Leto has mentioned doesn’t make it into the extended cut, one hopes WB and DC will at least put it elsewhere on the disc as an extra feature.

Suicide Squad will be available in Digital HD on November 15, 2016, and physical Blu-ray on December 13, 2016, in both theatrical and extended cuts.


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