Suicide Squad’s Office Fight Sequence Breakdown

With the release of Suicide Squad‘s much-anticipated extended cut just a few days ago, both fans and critics of the film have been eager to check out how much additional bang for the buck the extended scenes would actually provide. High hopes were riding on the possibility that an extended cut would bring a lot more coherence to what had been one of, if not the, most highly anticipated comic book film franchise of 2016.

As it turns out, the Extended Cut was delivered with 11 extra minutes of footage. Admittedly, this new cut doesn’t seem to have left too many significantly more satisfied than before (check out Screen Rant’s own assessment of the new footage and Extended Cut), given that the additional footage doesn’t flesh out the plot or character development in any significant way. That said, there are some fun new moments to enjoy for the film’s most diehard fans.

To accompany the extended footage, CinemaBlend obtained exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of that chaotic office fight sequence from Warner Bros., and it should at least impart a greater appreciation of the outrageous amount of choreography, stunt work, and hands-on participation from the film’s stars that such a comparatively brief scene requires. For that matter, fans of all superhero action films, and aspiring filmmakers as well, can likely find something to enjoy in the dissection of such a detailed action sequence. And if you’re wondering how bad-ass Margot Robbie’s stunt double, Ingrid, is, the answer is: very. Jai Courtney also weighs in on his experience during this insane scene.

Suicide Squad's Office Fight Sequence Breakdown

Given that the scene required the participation of so many central characters at once, the coordination required to layer each on-screen moment is admittedly impressive. This also draws attention to the deft balance of live action and CGI effects required to seamlessly pull together what amounted to mere fleeting moments in the theatrical cut.

No, it’s never a good thing when you’re looking for extended scenes, outtakes, and bonus material like this to redeem the film itself, but it’s possible that these moments will provide something worthwhile for those still willing to immerse themselves more deeply in Suicide Squad. Take a look at ScreenRant’s Total GeekAll podcast for a more in-depth exploration of what the Extended Cut does — and doesn’t — accomplish.

It’s unfortunate that the extended cut didn’t provide the full film experience that more hopeful fans were craving, but overall, we’ll take our small pleasures and consolation prizes wherever we can find them.


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