The Croods 2 Canceled by DreamWorks Animation & Universal

The Croods 2 Canceled by DreamWorks Animation & Universal

DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods, which had its run in theaters back in early 2013, released to moderately positive critical and fan reception with a worldwide box office gross of just under $600 million. The animated movie was followed by Dawn of the Croods (late in 2015), a prequel series released by Netflix with a different voice cast. DreamWorks also announced The Croods 2, a sequel to the original film to feature the original cast, including Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds.

DreamWorks Animation has been working on The Croods 2 for the past few years now, over which time the film’s release date was pushed back on multiple occasions, most recently to 2018. Now, DreamWorks Animation and its current parent company, Universal Studios, have revealed some potentially upsetting news for fans of the original Croods.

According to Variety, The Croods 2 has been canceled indefinitely by DreamWorks Animation and Universal Studios. The former had apparently been considering axing the film even before Comcast (Universal Studios’ owner) bought the long-running animation studio, as indicated by the multiple delays of the film’s release date.

It’s important to note, however, that hope for a sequel isn’t completely lost, as Variety’s unnamed source revealed. As for it happening anytime soon, however, is another issue. Here’s what the source had to say about the future of the franchise:

“The Croods’ is still very much in the DreamWorks catalog. It’s not unheard of that it might be something someone takes a look at in the future.”

The Croods 2 Canceled by DreamWorks Animation & Universal

If this truly is the end of The Croods, then it would be more than a little disappointing. The fictionalized prehistoric world the film created was definitely easy on the eyes, featuring colorful landscapes and gorgeously detailed character models. While the narrative was fairly standard, the performances of Cage, Stone and Reynolds especially elevated some of the more pedestrian material. This film was ripe for the franchise treatment and it somehow seems like a missed opportunity.

Still, it’s obvious The Croods 2 was having difficulties creatively, and perhaps it being canceled is for the best. After all, the last thing fans would want is a substandard sequel tarnishing the memory of the original. Maybe eventually filmmakers Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders will come up with a story that satisfies the executives at both Universal and DreamWorks Animation. Until that day, the sequel has become extinct – not unlike its prehistoric cave family.

We’ll bring you more information on the future (or lack thereof) of The Croods franchise as it becomes available.


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