The Flash: Kiersey Clemons Shares Photo of Iris West Wig

The Flash: Kiersey Clemons Shares Photo of Iris West Wig

The DC Extended Universe is gearing up for its next big event, unleashing the second Wonder Woman trailer in preparation for her arrival next June. Diana Prince will be followed shortly by the first Justice League movie, Aquaman, and of course The Flash. Unfortunately for the film, which is due to start filming next year, director Rick Famuyiwa left the project citing creative differences. While star Ezra Miller has expressed his optimism going forward, both he and his costar Kiersey Clemons (who will play Iris West) found his departure distressing.

Some fans also worried that Clemons would follow suit and depart the troubled production. Instead, she seems to be preparing for her role in The Flash by showing off her wardrobe.

Clemons, who starred in Famuyiwa’s Dope, took to Twitter yesterday with a picture of her character’s first major costume piece, her Iris West wig. Along with the shot of herself and her bagged-up hair piece, she teased fans by naming it, writing: “I’ve never named a wig before! This ones Iris #ziplocit #ooouuuu ziploc isn’t endorsing me btw but they should.” Take a first look at Iris West’s new do below:

Some fans may have noted that Clemons’ wig for the film doesn’t appear red – which was West’s original hair color in the classic DC comics and during Young Justice series. Of course, fans of the CW’s Arrowverse are familiar with a different version of Iris West, played by Candice Patton, who’s also a brunette, something which modern comic books also reflect. When queried by a fan about whether West’s hair would be red in the film (admittedly, the wig looks brown or black in the picture), the actress doesn’t skip a beat, responding coyly with: “maybe it is! Ya can’t see the whole thing ; ).

Another curious aspect of the pic is how Clemons got a hold of her movie hair so far in advance of filming. She could have received her movie hair early to familiarize herself with it before cameras start rolling, but it could also point to the reported Iris West cameo in Zack Snyder’s Justice League – which recently wrapped filming. Displaying the hair piece prominently should also should dispel fears of DCEU fans worried that she would exit the production along with Famuyiwa. However, her online enthusiasm certainly isn’t indicative of someone about to quit.

At this point, one major hurdle stands in the way of the Scarlet Speedster’s first foray into the DCEU – a missing helmsperson. So far, Warner Bros./DC hasn’t named any directors as Famuyiwa’s successor. But with millions of dollars on the line if the project is delayed, they’re likely scrambling to find a suitable auteur. Hopefully, they’ll find the perfect fit for The Flash’s lighter tone and give Clemons a chance to rock “Iris” and wow Barry Allen with her brains and beauty.


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