The Incredibles 2 Moves To 2018; Toy Story 4 Shifts To 2019

The Incredibles 2 Moves To 2018; Toy Story 4 Shifts To 2019

Pixar Studios is known for their original programming, but over recent years the animation powerhouse is relying more on sequels for their output. This summer, Finding Dory became their latest critical and commercial smash (read our review), and three of their next four films are all followups to pre-existing properties. These include the long-awaited The Incredibles 2 (written and directed by Brad Bird) and a fourth installment in their flagship Toy Story franchise – the aptly-named Toy Story 4, which will be helmed by John Lasseter.

As Pixar plotted out their schedule for the next few years, the plan was for Toy Story 4 to premiere in June 2018, while Incredibles 2 would finally debut in June 2019. Now that both projects are making their way through development, some alterations have been made to the production timelines, and the two films have swapped release dates.

The news comes courtesy of THR, who say that an accelerated schedule for The Incredibles 2 was what led to the change. Since The Incredibles 2 is undoubtedly one of the most-demanded Pixar sequels, this development will come as a pleasant surprise for fans. Now, the Parr family will return to the big screen a year earlier than anticipated.



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