The Rock Plays Halloween Prank on Kevin Hart While Filming Jumanji

The Rock Plays Halloween Prank on Kevin Hart While Filming Jumanji

It seems that once again Halloween is upon us and the spirit of the season is spreading. Horror movie franchise marathons are being queued up on a variety of networks; creative and detailed costumes are being shown off on social media alongside the odd how-to guide on how to build your own costume props; and Netflix has beefed up their Halloween Favorites category – for those who just want to sit back and soak up all the seasonal frights on offer.

Scary pranks have also long been associated with the lead up to Halloween and sometimes the best opportunities arrive in the unlikeliest of locations. Many might not consider the gorgeous, sunny environments of Hawaii as the spookiest of locales, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been working there since September, filming the upcoming Jumanji. Clearly not one to miss out on providing a scare when the opportunity arises, The Rock recently decided to have some Halloween fun at the expense of co-star Kevin Hart.

While filming in the jungle, The Rock was quick to throw a fake, furry spider on to his co-star during a take that saw both actors lying down on the ground. The end result was a clear-cut, bad case of heebie-jeebies for Heart, who got to his feet and fled the scene at top speed, much to the delight of Johnson and the entire film crew. After posting the below video to his Instagram account, Johnson also had this to say about the incident and Heart’s sizeable fear of nature:

Happy Halloween @kevinhart4real! You can see the big fake furry spider I have in my right hand that I throw on Kevin before our take. You gotta understand that when we’re asked to lay down in these jungles — when you look closely on the ground — it’s literally moving with all kinds of bugs, spiders and centipedes. It’s Kev’s worst nightmare and some of the funniest shit I’ve seen when he thinks something is crawling on him. Non stop laughs with my guy on this movie. We always make it fun. #OnSet #Jumanji #OnLocation #Hawaii #CasuallyLayingOnCentipedes

A video posted by therock (@therock) on Oct 28, 2016 at 10:26pm PDT

Lately the Jumanji production has been passing on little teases of what’s to come, with set photos, plot details and the odd on-set video. Of course, this most recent on-set video doesn’t have anything to do with the actual film itself, but what it does show is that the cast and crew seem to be having a good time making this movie. That doesn’t necessarily translate to a better end product as a result, but it can’t hurt, either, right?

The original 1995 Jumanji was a great mixture of action and comedy and although its visual effects have not aged well, the film retains a re-watchable charm thanks to an ability not to take itself too seriously. If this new iteration – which Johnson has previously insisted is not a reboot – can capture the same level of appeal as well as providing some quality effects in the process, then it should be worth checking out.

It’s hard not to be enticed by what a cast made up of The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillian (Guardians of the Galaxy) can do. Having made a previous pledge to honor Robin Williams with this new take on the classic adventure tale, Dwayne Johnson has committed himself to a project that is very dear to many. Thankfully, he appears confident and fun loving on set, which is always a sign of someone with a fondness for their work and co-workers.


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