The Secret Life of Pets Gets An Honest Trailer

Honest Trailers has become a comedy institution on YouTube. Combining clever self-aware commentary on the disposable nature of movie advertising and effectively presenting mini-reviews of recent films in the format of a trailer-parody, it’s become impossible to see trailers for noteworthy blockbusters and not think “What will the Honest Trailers people make of this?”

Now, we have an answer for another big release: The Secret Life of PetsThe Secret Life of Pets was a big commercial success for Illumination Entertainment – which is looking to strike gold again this winter holiday season with the film Sing! – and critics were largely positive in their responses – with some notable caveats. The movie was taken to task for its overly familiar story and the perceived waste of its eclectic voice cast. As expected, the movie’s Honest Trailer zeroes in on those flaws, but also makes it a point to fire more than a few zingers at the expense of Illumination’s (bizarrely?) ubiquitous Minions franchise.

As noted in the Honest Trailer, The Secret Life of Pets recycles Toy Story‘s premise but with animals swapped out for action figures. The story follows a pampered New York dog whose comfortable life is upset by his owner’s adoption of a scruffy, dim-witted new playmate. Their inability to coexist ultimately drives both out into the big city, where they become wrapped up in the machinations of an underground cult of abandoned pets – led by a rabbit (Kevin Hart) with a sinister plan to separate all of NYC’s pets from their masters.

The Secret Life of Pets Gets An Honest Trailer


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