The Star Trek Beyond Gag Reel is Here, And It’s Hilarious

The third entry in the rebooted Star Trek movie franchise, Star Trek Beyond was largely well received by fans and critics, even if it didn’t make quite as much money as parent studio Paramount might have expected, given that this year marks the franchise’s 50th anniversary. Most notably, the movie featured a simpler, lighter, streamlined script from Doug Jung and Simon Pegg (who also plays chief engineer Montgomery Scott), which attracted a lot of acclaim after some fans found the previous entry, Star Trek Into Darkness, an intense and convoluted affair.

Unlike the last two movies in the series, Star Trek Beyond also featured considerably fewer connections to the established Star Trek universe, resulting in a fun adventure romp picture unburdened by the responsibility of keeping the movie’s main villain a secret. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the movie’s lighter tone and ramped-up fun factor, the gag reel features laughs aplenty and gives unique insight into the behind the scenes shenanigans and joviality.

Aside from the standard fluffed lines and misbehaving props, highlights include Chris Pine declaring “this one’s going to be full Shat” after co-star John Cho informs him that his delivery was a bit too close to that of William Shatner, and Kirk and McCoy getting a rather intimate with a bottle of booze.

The Star Trek Beyond Gag Reel is Here, And It's Hilarious

It will come as a shock to no one that much of the on-set hilarity originates from writer Simon Pegg. Pegg, of course, made his name in comedy projects such as Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, and his humor is clearly infectious on the Star Trek set. On a more sombre note, the clips also feature the late Anton Yelchin (Pavel Chekov), who tragically passed away shortly before the film’s release.

Whatever your opinion on the quality of the rebooted Star Trek movie series, it’s difficult to deny that there is a natural, endearing and immensely watchable chemistry between the core cast members of the Enterprise that has evidently built up over the course of three films together and this is demonstrated throughout the gag reel. The actors clearly feel comfortable with each other, and you’d be hard pressed to argue that the ensemble cast isn’t one of Star Trek‘s main strengths.

Despite Star Trek Beyond‘s modest box office takings, the improved critical response has been enough for Paramount to confirm production on a fourth outing and, perhaps in an effort to increase ticket sales with a big name actor, Chris Hemsworth will be returning as Captain Kirk’s father. Whether this will be in the context of a flashback or thanks to more time-travel meddling remains unclear but if the cast have as much fun on movie four as they evidently did on Star Trek Beyond, fans could be in for another thrilling Enterprise adventure.

Star Trek Beyond is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 1st.


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