Tomb Raider Reboot is About Lara Croft’s Search for Her Father

Tomb Raider Reboot is About Lara Croft's Search for Her Father
Rise of the Tomb Raider Tomb Raider Reboot is About Lara Crofts Search for Her Father

Exploring the origin story of Lara Croft by way of an epic adventure wherein the iconic archaeologist goes out in search of her father certainly sounds intriguing, and is definitely a viable narrative avenue to take in order to reestablish the Tomb Raider franchise on the big screen. It remains to be seen how avidly fans of the series will want to see the new movie, but with a fresh origin story of sorts on the way perhaps the reboot will provide enough incentive for moviegoers who still recall the original Angelina Jolie movies – with a sigh or a groan.

Adapting popular video game properties to film has never been an especially easy or forgiving task, but with Vikander in the lead role of the new Tomb Raider film, perhaps King and company will manage to deliver the kind of cinematic adventure that even longtime gamers will appreciate. For now, here’s to hoping for the very best when Lara Croft makes her return as an action movie star.


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