Transformers: The Last Knight Gets a Behind the Scenes IMAX Video

Michael Bay and the Transformers universe have continued to be a polarizing series of films. Even as more and more filmgoers seem to sour on the franchise, the series defies expectations by posting massive global box office hauls with each new installment. It comes as no surprise that a fifth Transformers movie, titled Transformers: The Last Knight, is on the way now too, for that reason.

This time around, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and other familiar Autobots will reportedly be searching for one of the most famous swords in history. Bay’s movies have already connected the Transformers to the moon race as well as the extinction of the dinosaurs, so The Last Knight bringing in Nazis and the famed Excalibur sword from the days of King Arthur, doesn’t really feel like a stretch for the franchise at this point.

IMAX has released a brand new featurette showing the relationship that the company has had with Bay throughout the years of making Transformers films. The first footage for The Last Knight does not start showing until about halfway through the featurette, but what is shown is merely a behind-the-scene look at the making of the film. However, these scenes do offer up the first glimpse of some of the action scenes for the movie – and no surprise, there appears to be many of them.

Transformers: The Last Knight Gets a Behind the Scenes IMAX Video

Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager can be glimpsed in three different settings in The Last Knight behind the scenes footage: first falling out of Bumblebee, then rescuing a young woman (presumably, Isabela Moner) from an explosion, and finally running through a battlefield urging others to follow in his footsteps. Cade and his Decepticon gun were constantly engaged in the action sequences in Transformers: Age of Extinction, so it only makes sense for him to once again be in the thick of things in The Last Knight, too.

Other than a brief glimpse of costar Anthony Hopkins getting ready to board a helicopter, the rest of The Last Knight footage focuses on battle sequences in different locations and time periods. With the inclusion of the Excalibur and Liam Garrigan playing King Arthur, it appears that audiences will get to see Arthur and his army in action – but how the Transformers get involved remains to be seen. There are also shots of battles happening in the present day with cars, tanks, and Cade shown to differentiate these scenes from the ones before.

Hopefully, the first trailer for The Last Knight will help to fill in the holes regarding the movie’s storyline. The IMAX featurette itself shows that, if nothing else, The Last Knight will have enough action to try and hold audiences’ attention.


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