Transformers: The Last Knight Set Video Introduces The Room Roll

Transformers: The Last Knight is coming next summer and details on the film have been pretty light. While there is some idea of what the plot will be (yes, these films have plots), numerous looks at new and old Autobots and Decepticons in their vehicle form and controversy involving Nazi imagery, the film has been largely under wraps. This is all with the exception of the occasional video director/explosions maestro Michael Bay allows to go online to show off his filmmaking process.

For this upcoming Transformers film, fans have been able to see Bay film some wild action sequences, set explosions and even Anthony Hopkins walking the world’s loneliest dog. Now, a new video has popped up that features some of the actors working in a difficult scenario for the sake of making these giant robot movies feel authentic.

Working on a production stage with a device referred to as the “Room Roll”, this video shows Michael Bay filming actors Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock in the skeleton build of a room designed to make people feel like they are seeing a setting spin 360 degrees. As can be seen in the video above, it is essentially a practical design, mixed with various green screen components, in an effort to give the actors something to actually hold onto, while attached to wires and spinning all over the place. This includes going upside down for about half the time.

Transformers: The Last Knight Set Video Introduces The Room Roll

Despite being films that revolve around CG creations fighting each other, Bay has done plenty of practical work over the course of these five Transformers films. The “Room Roll” is just one of the latest examples of this, but as evidenced by previously mentioned videos, in addition to all the set photos that show Bay in the middle of his self-proclaimed “Bayhem“, one can’t say the guy isn’t sitting right in the middle of his chaos and getting his hands dirty.

Aside from casting announcements and set videos, Transformers: The Last Knight has been in production and remained relatively low-key for a release coming next summer. One could say the same about the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film as well, but perhaps both studios are aware these franchises need to handle their timing better, given a deflation of interest over the course of four films. Whatever the case may be, hopefully this latest Transformers entry, which is supposed to be the start of a new cinematic universe, will have a lot to offer – in addition to innovative practical pieces for the actors to hang around on, that is.


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