Watch Fans React to Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer at CCXP

Spider Man Homecoming Trailer reaction Watch Fans React to Spider Man: Homecoming Trailer at CCXP

Spider-Man: Homecoming has a high bar to reach as the first solo adventure for Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Jon Watts-directed reboot will need to be excellent to meet the standard set by the likes of The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. With the initial teaser trailer for the movie, the first starring vehicle for Tom Holland (Captain America: Civil War) as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, just days away, fans will soon get their first glimpse of what to expect.

Brazil’s Comic-Con Experience, meanwhile, has already offered lucky fans a first look at the movie. The São Paulo-based offshoot of San Diego Comic-Con International recently held a panel for Sony Pictures, during which they showed a snippet of the Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser trailer to fans in attendance. There’s still no official clip of the trailer itself available, but the convention showed the next-best thing: the fan reaction.

Sony Pictures Brazil posted a video to its Twitter page on Saturday showing the reaction of the massive audience at the Sony Pictures panel as it treated them to a clip of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer. The Portugese-language video roughly translates to: “During the Sony Pictures panel at the Comic-Con Experience … we showed a preview from the trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming … this is the reaction of the audience.”

The joyous post-trailer reaction shows fans breaking out in roaring applause, with a handful of elated spectators cheering and pumping their fists, before teasing the imminent worldwide arrival of the trailer. Another Brazilian Twitter account had previously said that at least part of the trailer would screen at the Comic-Con Experience, among other reveals. There was also some footage from the movie screened at the convention that revealed Spidey’s web wings.

There’s no doubt that Sony Pictures chose some of the biggest moments from the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer to include in the clip. The limited but exciting Comic-Con footage, combined with the freshness of the reveal, was likely going to elicit a feverish reaction from the fans in attendance, regardless of its content. It ought to be expected that the official trailer will get a similar reaction across the internet when it is finally released.

Of course, this fan reaction is no proof that the trailer – let alone the movie itself – will be as great as the video suggests. There is still plenty of time before its release and plenty of content to reveal. But the reaction to the trailer could have also been lukewarm or lacked enthusiasm, and it appears Sony Pictures knocked its preview out of the park. Considering the excitement that came with the reveal of the first snippet of the trailer, the promotion of Spider-Man: Homecoming is off to a good start.


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