Will Ferrell to Star in eSports Comedy

Will Ferrell to Star in eSports Comedy
talladega nights will ferrell Will Ferrell to Star in eSports Comedy

Ferrell is currently hard at work on the comedy Holmes and Watson for Sony with his frequent collaborator (and Talladega Nights costar) John C. Reilly – wherein the duo play the intrepid pair that is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, respectively. After production wraps on that film, Ferrell is expected to being work on the eSports comedy – presumably following the attachment of a director to the project.

Ferrell has a well-established knack for lampooning some of the more popular sub-cultures of American life, and as such the world of eSports – an industry primarily suited to 20-somethings possessed of superior hand-eye coordination – should prove to be another playground rife with opportunities to sink his teeth into. Here’s to hoping Ferrell’s take on eSports is more Talladega Nights and less Semi-Pro.

We will bring you more information on Will Ferrell’s eSports comedy as it becomes available.


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