Wonder Woman Trailer #2 Has Been Classified

Wonder Woman Trailer #2 Has Been Classified

It has been an up and down year for Warner Bros. and the DCEU. While both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were profitable for the studio, the critical and fan reception was mixed. One of the big questions heading into Batman V Superman was how well Wonder Woman would be utilized, and if Gal Gadot was the right choice for the role. Coming out of the movie, the addition of Wonder Woman was generally well received, as was Gadot’s performance, leading to a heightened interest in her upcoming solo adventure.

Luckily for Wonder Woman fans, next year will give them two chances to see her in a leading role. Not only will she be back in Justice League, but she also gets her own solo movie, simply titled Wonder Woman, prior to the team up. The marketing for the film began with the release of a trailer at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, and now it appears as though the second trailer is not too far off.

Trailer Track has revealed that the next trailer, which is officially trailer #3 (as it counts the international trailer), has been classified by Consumer Protection BC. This new trailer has a 2 minute and 24 second runtime, meaning there is a good chance new footage will be unveiled. Additionally, the classification coming at this point is a likely indication the trailer will be hitting theaters very soon, potentially even being attached to Marvel’s upcoming comic book movie Doctor Strange.

Wonder Woman Trailer #2 Has Been Classified

While attaching the trailer to Strange would be an obvious choice, as the two films are both derived from comics, Warner Bros. may also be more interested in a little corporate synergy. If that’s the case, then the second Wonder Woman trailer may well be attached to WB’s big holiday film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (opening two weeks after Doctor Strange arrives in the U.S.).

It has been three months since the first Wonder Woman trailer became the one of the most talked about items of SDCC 2016, so a new look at the film should give the studio enough time to spread out its marketing materials without overloading fans. After all, the actual movie is still nine months away from hitting theaters.

There is no telling what, if any, new footage will be shown in the new trailer, but considering the generally positive marks the first preview received, it would be surprising to see the marketing shift gears dramatically. Then again, Gadot herself has remarked that the film is about “love” and “justice”, so it might not be a bad idea for the Warner Bros. marketing department to focus more on selling those aspects as a way of gauging fan interest – especially given how far out from its release date the film still is.


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