Alien: Covenant — Michael Fassbender is Playing Multiple Androids

Alien: Covenant - Michael Fassbender is Playing Multiple Androids

Director Ridley Scott (The Martian) stands among the most highly acclaimed and critically well regarded filmmakers currently working in Hollywood – and one whose work across genres has cemented has status as something of a visionary within the entertainment industry overall. On that note, the build-up and anticipation leading up to the theatrical release of his latest franchise film, Alien: Covenant, continues to grow.

Alien: Covenant picks up some ten years after the events of Scott’s Alien prequel/spinoff, Prometheus, and will serve to introduce several new characters and a brand new Xenomorph, called the “Neomorph,” into the mix. With production officially wrapped on the new movie, only time will tell whether or not Covenant costar Michael Fassbender – who previously played the duplicitous android David in Prometheus – was right in saying that Covenant is “much scarier” than Prometheus. However, there is one new thing that we can say is certain about Covenant: it will feature more than one Fassbender.

Fassbender confirmed to The Irish Times (hat tip to Alien-Covenant) that he plays multiple versions of the David android in Alien: Covenant. While Fassbender will be playing David again, he’s also playing “Walter”, an android who is speculated to be an updated model of “The David 8″ who accompanies the crew of the Covenant on their mission to a new world in the film. Fassbender saw fit to reiterate his faith in Scott as a director during the interview, stating:

“I am allowed to say I am playing two robots – Walter and David. I think what’s great about it is that Ridley has gone back to the DNA of Alien, the horror element of that. But it also has the scope and the scale of Prometheus. Ridley has cut it already. He is a machine. He is an incredible human being and he was in such good form. He is such an imaginative and mischievous figure.”

Alien: Covenant - Michael Fassbender is Playing Multiple Androids

Following the release and overall positive critical reception received by Prometheus – despite some noteworthy backlash from longtime Alien fans – every new bit of information revealed about Alien: Covenant makes the film sound like an intriguing new addition to the Alien franchise. Introducing two David models into the mix who are (presumably) at odds with one another, should raise the stakes in the film further and could make for another interesting twist in the larger story behind told by Scott here.

With hope of seeing Alien 5 from writer and director Neill Blomkamp still a distant one for the time being, fans of the Alien franchise will have to make due with and hope for the best from Alien: Covenant, for the time being. Serving as a direct sequel to Prometheus, Scott appears to have the reins to the franchise that he started in 1979 firmly in hands – for better or for worse.


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