Alien: Covenant Travels Down a Familiar Corridor

One element that helped Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi-horror film Alien leave an indelible mark on cinema was the designs by the late artist H.R. Giger. The Swiss surrealist helped transform the film from a potentially run-of-the-mill monster-run-amok movie to a frightening classic that has endured for almost four decades now. Giger’s influence on the film extended far beyond making the xenomorph a stunning part of the audience’s collective nightmares; he also brought his unique touch to the world of the film itself, turning the derelict ship from the first film into an award-worthy work of art complete with the then-mysterious Space Jockey.

As such, the biomechanical look of Giger’s designs has become synonymous with the films baring the title Alien. They are such a significant part of the franchise’s DNA that the idea of not seeing them would be an unconscionable affront to fans everywhere. This was proven true again, as the social media leg of the Alien: Covenant marketing storm recently took a break from offering fans glimpses at Katherine Waterston’s Daniels character, a series of stasis pods, and the promise (or threat) of a group of well-armed individuals who look like they could be Colonial Marines, to remind those watching that an Alien movie isn’t an Alien movie until an unsettling hallway sporting that signature biomechanical design fills everyone with an appropriate amount of dread.

The Alien Anthology Twitter account has once again brought the image to masses, teasing (or confirming, rather) that Alien: Covenant will once again put its characters in a foreboding place. And like almost all of the other images released so far, what the image lacks in context, it makes up for in simple nostalgia. Check out the image below:

alien covenant engineer ship hallway Alien: Covenant Travels Down a Familiar Corridor

While it’s not as curious as, say, Katherine Waterston’s very Ellen Ripley look, or the possibility of Colonial Marines being in the film, the ribcage-like corridor certainly brings back memories of Kane, Dallas, and Lambert making an inadvertently deadly discovery, or the hallways where the doomed residents of LV-426 wound up. As anyone who has watched the films knows, when you see that distinct architectural style, it’s best to turn back and head in the other direction. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Alien film if anyone heeded that advice, so expect some unlucky cast member to make the mistake of turning the corner on this set.

Like all the images teased by Alien Anthology, this one also comes with a mysterious set of numbers attached. This time, the numbers read 185612082104, which is actually larger than the previous image (that read 130112062104 (1:01pm December 6, 2014?). One popular theory is that the numbers are time stamps intended to show when the image was taken. That would put the corridor image at 6:56pm December 8, 2104. It could also be August 12, 2104 but given that all images so far have 12 and 2104 in common it could mean that the film will unfold during the month of December in the year 2104. Then again, it could be something completely different, so curious fans may have to wait until the trailer drops to find out.


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