Blade Runner 2 Director Calls Film His ‘Biggest Artistic Challenge’

Blade Runner 2 Director Calls Film His 'Biggest Artistic Challenge'
Blade Runner Art Blade Runner 2 Director Calls Film His Biggest Artistic Challenge

It should come as no surprise that Blade Runner 2049 is a massive undertaking. For one, Villeneuve must create a faithful yet progressive sequel to satisfy the original’s huge fan base. Then he also needs to make a film that will stand on its own, regardless of what’s come before. And that obviously requires extreme personal dedication and hard work. What is comforting is that he has a strong creative team backing him up. The sequel stars Ryan Gosling (La La Land), Jared Leto (Suicide Squad), Dave Bautista (Spectre), and obviously Blade Runner veteran Harrison Ford. The cast, along with acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins and Villeneuve’s frequent composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, should help bring the sequel to life.

Of all the huge movies coming next year, Blade Runner 2049 may be near the top of the list. The sequel has a lot riding on it, so hopefully it will pay off. Villeneuve has shown audiences that he’s a very capable director — across many different genres. So, fans can rest easy knowing he and his fellow team members are trying to make Blade Runner 2049 something special.


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