Blade Runner 2049 Gets a Plot Synopsis

Blade Runner 2049 Gets a Plot Synopsis
Blade Runner 2049 Blade Runner 2049 Gets a Plot Synopsis

So the basic set-up is that K must go on a secret mission to track down Deckard and uncover the secret of this world. This chimes with several rumors surrounding the film that point towards Ford’s returning character playing a more background role in proceedings and confirms that Gosling is indeed playing one of the titular robot-hunting cops. As for what that long-buried secret is, that’s surely going to link back to the original film. Could it be the knowledge that a new type of replicant was developed with a lifespan longer than the legal standard of four years? If so, that would mean future humanity may be more robot than man (and have major ramifications for Deckard, who fans agree is most likely a replicant).

This also suggests this 2049 version of LA is even more run down that the overcrowded, rain-blighted take from the 1982 film (set in 2019) – things are on the brink, with humanity fractured akin to the set-up of Phillip K. Dick’s source novella, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (possible by off-world travel). We’ve got a couple of pieces of concept art to back this up, as well as Gosling’s character’s typically sci-fi name, K (it’s a reference to author Dick, yes, but the single-letter could also be setting up the character as a replicant).

The synopsis posting also came with the suggestion that the much anticipated teaser trailer could be dropping today. This would presumably be the last of what has been a massive trailer deluge in the tail end of 2016 – and what a movie to end on. Stay tuned for (hopefully) much, much more on Blade Runner 2049.


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