Chewbacca Performs the Wookiee Version of Silent Night

Star Wars likes to deliver the goods come Christmas. The Force Awakens dispensed with the traditional May time release date and instead arrive in theaters in time for the holidays last year, and this year, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been gifted to us all. Next year, Star Wars Episode VIII will arrive, too. Not only are there the films, but the range of holiday-themed Star Wars gifts seems never ending, too, from tree ornaments to festive Stormtrooper sweaters, there really is a holiday gift out there for anyone….provided they’re a Star Wars fan, that is.

To celebrate the season of festive joy, How it Should Have Ended has released a video of one of the best-loved Star Wars characters, Chewbacca, singing “Silent Night”. Okay, so it’s the Wookiee version, so the lyrics might not be entirely recognizable, but the tune is all there. The clip comprises several clips from across the Star Wars movies, and it’s great. Take a look, above.

It seems as though Leia, Luke and most certainly Han Solo, might not appreciate Chewie’s musical offering, with Han’s exasperated “This is ridiculous” seemingly directed right at the poor Wookiee. Really, though, it’s pretty upsetting to realize that in most of the scenes shown, Chewbacca is sharing the screen with Han Solo….and that won’t happen again in the Skywalker saga (the dynamic duo will be together in the young Han Solo anthology). Poor Chewie. What will become of him now?

Chewbacca Performs the Wookiee Version of Silent Night


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