Deadpool 2 Loses Composer Junkie XL

Deadpool 2 Loses Composer Junkie XL

Surprising everyone as the runaway blockbuster hit of early 2016, Deadpool offered Marvel Comics fans of the notorious Merc with a Mouth the kind of feature-length adaptation of the ever popular character that had been sorely missing from the X-Men movie franchise – unless you count the butchered Wade Wilson appearence in X-Men Origins: Wolverine from 2009. Starting as a passion project between actor Ryan Reynolds and first-time director Tim Miller, the movie has since gone down as one of the most popular superhero films of all time – both in terms of critical reception and box office draw.

Reynolds and Miller, as well as Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, were all lined up to work together again on Deadpool 2 – until Miller has since dropped out as director on the sequel and moved on to produce the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action/CGI film, instead. Reportedly, the split came due to creative differences between Reynolds and Miller over the sequel – among them, the matter of which actor should play Cable (the time-traveling mutant teased in Deadpool‘s post-credits scene). Now another central talent that worked on the first Deadpool is passing on the second installment.

Per an official Facebook post, composer Junkie XL – whose irreverent and catchy music provided a stellar backdrop for all of the antics featured throughout Deadpool – will not be returning to provide the score for Deadpool 2. Citing his own personal bout of “soul searching” after learning that Miller had stepped down as the sequel’s director, Junkie XL has decided to not score the second film as he believes the first one was integrally tied up in Miller’s distinctive vision. Speaking to his respect for Miller, Junkie XL wrote:

“Since it was revealed that Deadpool’s brilliant creative director Tim Miller will not be involved in the project anymore, I have undertaken some soul searching. Tim was the driving force behind Deadpool and me getting involved in this amazing project. Deadpool without Tim at the helm just does not sit right with me and that is why I have decided not to be involved in the second chapter.”

Deadpool 2 Loses Composer Junkie XL

Even though Junkie XL will be moving away from writing the original score for Deadpool 2, he does not take what he calls a “difficult decision” lightly, but reiterates that, “It’s hard to walk away from something so unique, but it also has to feel right.” Whether fans of the original will feel the same way is up for debate – especially with such monumental directing talents on the shortlist to replace Miller on Deadpool 2 now.

With John Wick co-director David Leitch and filmmaker Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) reportedly among those under-considered to helm Deadpool 2 in Miller’s place, it’s more likely than not that Reynolds and company will manage to find another A-list composer to take Junkie XL’s former spot on the sequel – though it’s hard to deny that the latter’s musical sensibility fit the first Deadpool exceptionally well. However things shake out, here’s to hoping that the cast and crew of the second Deadpool movie can shake-off Miller and Junkie XL’s departures and deliver the great sequel that fans are hoping for.

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