Disney World & Epcot’s Spaceship Earth to Become the Death Star

Disney World & Epcot's Spaceship Earth to Become the Death Star
Epcots Spaceship Earth Becoming Star Wars Death Star Disney World & Epcots Spaceship Earth to Become the Death Star

By employing digital projection, the park will map the image of the world killer onto the giant golfball-shaped attraction. Whether the ride inside will be altered in any way is unknown, but it’s unlikely unless they’ve secretly been at work for some time. The projection will probably serve primarily to excite fans about Rogue One and the eventual opening of the Star Wars theme parks proper. Hopefully, we’ll have some photos and videos of the transformation following the event. If you live nearby, be sure to head out and see what’s sure to be a special display.

Even though it’s a small thing, it’s still nice to get a taste of what the possibilities are now that Disney and Lucasfilm are working together so seamlessly. In fact, we predicted this very moment back in 2012 when the original news of the merger broke. While weighing the pros and cons of the deal, we theorized that Epcot’s Spaceship Earth could be turned into a Death Star ride. Disney is unlikely to permanently transform their world-famous attraction (and signature piece of the park), however, but it’s nice to see our nerdy prognostication come somewhat true after all this time.

Stay tuned for more news related to all things Star Wars, and let us know in the comments if you’ll be attending the special Epcot event.


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