Doctor Strange Diagnoses the Avengers’ Injuries in New Video

Let’s be honest: It’s hard work being a superhero. On top of all the heavy lifting and training you’d need to do in order to stay in such peak physical condition, there are all the bumps and bruises earned in the course of battle. You don’t just take multiple punches to the face without their being some damage, especially from the likes of Captain America and Iron Man. This is a fact they both learned earlier this year in Captain America: Civil War.

As fun as it might have been to watch Robert Downey Jr. (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) and Chris Evans (Snowpiercer) exchange verbal and physical blows in this year’s highest grossing film, in real life there’d be some pretty serious physical and medical consequences for these kinds of fights. While over in Hell’s Kitchen, The Defenders have their own medical assistance from the likes of Rosario Dawson’s (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) Claire Temple, as of yet The Avengers haven’t had a medical professional to handle their level of mayhem. Not for another couple of weeks, at least, when Doctor Strange hits theaters.

In a new promotional video for the upcoming film, Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock), uses his vast knowledge of medicine to diagnose some of the many, many injuries given (and received) in Captain America: Civil War. The tongue-in-cheek promo serves to highlight both Dr. Stephen Strange’s actual medical training in addition to touting the stunning visual leap made in the next chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Strange, of course, is a talented and respected surgeon whose life is changed after an accident causes a loss of mobility in his hands. Unable to practice medicine, a depressed Dr. Strange travels the world seeking meaning when he stumbles across a realm of magic and new dimensions. With some training from Tilda Swinton’s (Hail, Caesar!) The Ancient One, the good doctor learns to tap into the mystical energies of the universe to find a new purpose.

Doctor Strange Diagnoses the Avengers' Injuries in New Video

The cheeky new promo serves to build hype for both Doctor Strange and the home release of Captain America: Civil War, reminding us of just a few of the awesome scenes from the earlier movie while giving us another glimpse of what’s to come. While little is given away, it does provide an interesting contrast in the styles of both films.

Like many MCU films, Civil War was a relatively grounded film that feels more like a spy thriller than a superhero epic. For all the stunning fantasy it provided, there was a sense of realism to the Russo Brothers-directed adventure that made it feel, in a way, real. Doctor Strange, on the other hand, dives father into fantastic waters than the MCU has dared tread yet. If Civil War cemented the MCU in reality than Doctor Strange makes us question it, which is the entire point of the character.

Seeing the clips side by side offers a small taste of the stunning things to come for the MCU. Though they’ve never shied away from realms of sci-fi and fantasy, Doctor Strange pushes the franchise into new territories, smashing the boundaries they’ve given us previously. This is, perhaps, a portent of things to come as Phase 3 continues on and Phase 4 looms on the horizon.

We won’t know for sure until next week, when Doctor Strange hits theaters. But, for now, the latest promo is a fun way to remember the past while looking forward to the future. We’ll keep you posted on all things Doctor Strange as news develops.


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