Doctor Strange Will Help Reunite The Avengers

Doctor Strange Will Help Reunite The Avengers

We are just about a week away from Doctor Strange‘s highly anticipated release in theaters. The buzz surrounding the film is positive, as it holds a spectacular 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes (currently counting 43 reviews). And Doctor Strange is only set to be the beginning of the Sorceror Supreme’s story. Scott Derrickson, the film’s director, has already teased plans for a sequel, while Benedict Cumberbatch recently confirmed he would reprise the role in Avengers: Infinity War.

Avengers: Infinity War is slated to be the biggest Marvel film yet, and will require heroes from all the previous MCU films to unite against one massive threat: Thanos. The only problem is that the Avengers are not currently united. Last we saw Captain America, Tony Stark, and the rest of the team, they were split down the middle over the signing of the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War. And while that film ended with Steve Rogers telling Stark that he will always be around if needed, it still seems like some relationship mending is in order. And Benedict Cumberbatch appears to believe Doctor Strange is the right man for the job.

While speaking with Yahoo! Movies, Cumberbatch discussed whether Doctor Strange would be on Team Cap or Team Iron Man. His response pointed more at the huge responsibility of being Sorcerer Supreme:

“I think [Doctor Strange] has to be Team Doctor Strange. His job title is defender of the fabric of reality. I mean, he fights other dimensional threats that are beyond the perceptions of that very potent squabble [between Cap and Iron Man], and I’d like to think he’s going to help them both, rather than take sides.”

Doctor Strange Will Help Reunite The Avengers

Director Scott Derrickson also weighed in on Strange, stating:

“It’s part of what I liked about him in the comics. Part of what makes Doctor Strange Doctor Strange is that he stands in a lonely position. He is the gatekeeper between our world and other dimensions, so he doesn’t really stand on anyone’s side other than the side of protecting our world from the malevolent threats that only he [can] protect the world from.”

When Thanos does finally set his sights on Earth, Team Cap, Team Iron Man, and Team Doctor Strange, will all have to work together to defeat the villain, who thus far, has been lurking in the shadows. And if the threat alone is not enough to unite the group, it would make sense that Strange could be the one to do so. By the time Avengers: Infinity War comes around, Doctor Strange will likely have his own share of heroic experiences, and his knowledge of the vastness of the multiverse places him in a unique position to put things in perspective for the rest of the Avengers.

Ultimately, when the fate of the planet is in jeopardy, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark likely will not need much of a push to reconcile, but it is intriguing to hear that it may be Stephen Strange who is able to “help them both, rather than take sides.” And as Cumberbatch explains, their little squabble pales in comparison to the dimensional threats the Sorcerer Supreme is tasked with overcoming.

While any and all news regarding Doctor Strange is exciting, perhaps the most intriguing aspect of his journey going forward is how big it may be. As Cumberbatch explains:

“Doctor Strange is there to provide the opening of a new chapter, it’s literally going to open up the dimensions, so just when that frame got a little crowded, it’s got a whole lot bigger.”


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