Gal Gadot Says U.N. Wonder Woman Controversy is ‘Unfair’

Gal Gadot Says U.N. Wonder Woman Controversy is 'Unfair'
Wonder Woman vs Gal Gadot Gal Gadot Says U.N. Wonder Woman Controversy is Unfair

It’s a fair point. Wonder Woman may not be representative of every woman – or any woman, for that matter – but should that invalidate what she stands for? If we chastise her image for being too revealing, does that indicate all women are obligated to cover their bodies, regardless of what larger issues they may be fighting for? Why must Wonder Woman be defined only by what she looks like?

On the other hand, the petition suggested plenty of “flesh and blood ambassadors” that would have made excellent representatives, highlighting Graça Machel of Mozambique, Alaa Murabit of Libya, Leÿcmah Gbowee of Liberia and Queen Mathilde of Belgium for their commitment to fighting gender inequality, as well as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson and Messenger of Peace Charlize Theron.

It seems the UN selected Wonder Woman in an attempt to pick a figure that was globally recognizable, but it also overlooked several women making real, tangible change. Being outraged over a lack of recognition for others is a valid contention, but it also shouldn’t take away from what Wonder Woman represents. In any case, another petition has been launched to reinstate Wonder Woman as an ambassador, so it’s up to the UN if it wants to stand by its initial decision.


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