Ghostbusters Director & Mindy Kaling Team Up for Talk Show Host Comedy

Ghostbusters Director & Mindy Kaling Team Up for Talk Show Host Comedy

When it comes to women-driven comedy, there is one film director who has zealously embraced this genre in recent years: Paul Feig. The filmmaker found success with his 2011 hit Bridesmaids and has since focused his attention on helming projects that feature leads played by the best female comedic talents available from the late-night talk show circuit, TV and film industries.

Considering these career paradigms, it was perhaps inevitable that Feig would at some point become professionally connected with the highly talented actress, writer and TV show creator, Mindy Kaling. This exciting team-up now appears to be happening, with Feig committing to directing a comedy written by and costarring Kaling, as his next project.

Kaling has proven adept as a writer and creator with her award-winning series The Mindy Project. She penned the screenplay for her new movie – one reportedly set in the world of late-night talk show TV. Variety is reporting that Feig is lining up to direct the film, described as a mash-up of The Devil Wears Prada and 1980s classic Broadcast News. Oscar-winner Emma Thompson is onboard to co-star with Kaling as a seasoned host who has just hired her first female writer, when her job becomes threatened (as revealed by Collider).

This yet-untitled film will be backed by Fox 2000, with Scott Rudin and Howard Klein joining Kaling as producers. Feig has worked with Fox on various projects in the past (including, his comedies The Heat and Spy) and his production company is located on the studio’s lot. If a deal for Kaling’s movie is secured, it is expected the director will also produce with his partner, Jessie Henderson.

Ghostbusters Director & Mindy Kaling Team Up for Talk Show Host Comedy

Kaling has kept very busy of late, between working on The Mindy Project (which is now five seasons into its run) and playing roles in such upcoming films as the Ocean’s Eleven spinoff Ocean’s Eight (which is now filming) as well as Disney’s upcoming classic book adaptation, A Wrinkle In Time (which is also now in production). It seems natural that the multifaceted actress would also turn her hand to her own film projects within this trajectory, and working with Feig could be a very smart move – considering the director’s experience in pioneering women-driven comedy features to a deservedly equal status within the comedy industry.

While Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot fell well short of covering its nine-figure production budget at the box office, it earned a generally-positive critical reception and Feig’s career trajectory doesn’t look to take a downward turn in the aftermath. Working with the talented Kaling on a project that also has the Oscar-winning Thompson onboard certainly reads as being a move that could lead to another Bridesmaids-style hit for Feig – and yet another success story for Kaling as a filmmaker/actress, too.

We’ll bring you more information on the currently-untitled Paul Feig/Mindy Kaling movie as it becomes available.


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