Insidious: Chapter 4 Will Explore Elise’s ‘Beginnings’

Insidious: Chapter 4 Will Explore Elise's 'Beginnings'
insidious chapter 4 release date 2017 Insidious: Chapter 4 Will Explore Elises Beginnings

Fans will recall that Insidious: Chapter 3 – which, despite its title, is (somewhat confusingly) a prequel to the first two films – ended with a triumphant Elise deciding to come out of a self-imposed seclusion and go into the paranormal investigating business with Specs and Tucker full-time. Based on what Shaye said above, Chapter 4 will be set right after Chapter 3, and explore both Elise’s personal past and the early days of her partnership with – as Shaye calls them – her “two bad sons.”

While Insidious: Chapter 3 made the usual killing at the box office – earning over $100 million worldwide on a budget of $10 million – many fans considered it easily the least of the series so far. With up and coming horror director Adam Robitel (The Taking of Deborah Logan) assuming the helm this time out, it’ll be interesting to see if Chapter 4’s Elise-centered tale succeeds in reigniting the Insidious spark.


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