Logan Trailer Arrives Tomorrow; Hugh Jackman Shares Teaser

At the beginning of the month, it was announced that the third solo Wolverine movie would be titled Logan. Since that time, fans have grown impatient waiting for a trailer, having to make do with a series of highly secretive black and white images that tease characters and locations from the film. While these photos gave viewers plenty to theorize about, they obviously couldn’t take the place of actual footage, and many were pleased when it was revealed that the first Logan trailer has been classified.

Still, yesterday’s news of a teaser debut being imminent did not answer the biggest question: when exactly can moviegoers see James Mangold’s vision of an R-rated superhero by way of the Western drama? Today, Wolverine himself took to social media to let audiences know that the wait is almost over.

Hugh Jackman shared a teaser preview on his Twitter account, telling his followers that the full trailer will be online tomorrow, October 20, 2016. Presented in the now familiar black and white color scheme, it shows what is presumably a silhouette of Wolverine as the mutant in voice over says, “Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.” You can watch it above.

Logan Trailer Arrives Tomorrow; Hugh Jackman Shares Teaser

Not much is known about the Logan plot at this point in time, but the rumors that have come out indicate that the story is set well into the future in the year 2024. Wolverine and his mentor Charles Xavier are in greatly diminished states, tasked with protecting a young girl. The character of Caliban is said to be joining them as well. While brief, Jackman’s tease certainly lends credence to the earlier reports, particularly the “God made it last too long” line. From the looks of it, Logan takes place in a time where mutantkind is nearing extinction, and Wolverine has grown more bitter and jaded than usual as one of the last mutants standing. Chances are, his friends from the X-Men days are no longer alive and Logan is ready for it to all be over.

For a while, those involved with the Logan production have promised that the film will be “very different” from what’s come before in the franchise, offering a change-of-pace. The materials released thus far have certainly hinted at something unlike anything we’ve seen in the X-Men franchise before, but watching a full trailer will allow fans to get a better sense of what exactly Mangold has in store. Hopefully the film doesn’t disappoint. As presumably Jackman’s final time wearing the famous claws that made him a Hollywood icon, Logan is under tremendous pressure to deliver on all fronts.


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