Logan Trailer Gets a Black and White Makeover

After several months of anticipation, the first trailer for Logan, Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine, has now dropped online. The trailer, which was perfectly set to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”, confirmed much of what fans have come to expect of the film; namely, that Logan takse place in the not so distant future, with very few mutants remaining, and both Wolverine and Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) having seen better days. The pair are now working to protect a young girl who is “very much” like Logan (hint, hint).

Prior to the trailer release, Logan‘s marketing campaign has consisted primarily of a new poster, and several mysterious black and white photos posted by Jackman. The photos were so intriguing, that some began to hope that today’s trailer would be in black and white too – something that would perhaps best represent the tone of the film. That turned out not to be the case, but for those curious what this first Logan trailer looks like in black and white, you have come to the right place.

YouTube user Kyle Crichton has given the trailer a makeover, now presenting the footage in all the glory that is black and white. You can see the made-over trailer above.

Logan Trailer Gets a Black and White Makeover

With or without color, the footage is an exciting taste of what we can expect when Hugh Jackman dons his claws for a final time. But what has been described as a gritty western looks remarkably at home in black and white; to the point it would not be unwelcome to see some scenes in the film absent color. Despite this, fans should not get their hopes up that any part of the film will be presented in black and white – no matter how cool it may look.

Prior to Logan‘s March release, we can still expect to see more footage, and hopefully soon, a full red band trailer. Further, we have only gotten a small glimpse into some of the film’s supporting characters and plots, and still need to see more of the Reavers, Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook), and Caliban (Stephen Merchant). But while we wait for additional footage, images, and teases, Logan‘s first trailer sets up an exciting mutant-fueled western, and hopefully, a fitting send off for Jackman.

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Source: Kyle Crichton


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