Marvel’s Inhumans TV Series Enlists Iron Fist Producer as Showrunner

Blackbolt and the Inhumans in Marvel Comics Marvels Inhumans TV Series Enlists Iron Fist Producer as Showrunner

For years there was merely an intention for Marvel Studios to turn the The Inhumans into a live-action franchise. However, in just the past few weeks, the world has found how serious those plans really were, as a brand new Inhumans TV show is in the works for release next fall.

A major partnership was announced bringing together Marvel, the ABC network, and IMAX, in a joint effort to create The Inhumans mini-series event. The first two episodes will be shot in IMAX and will run in their large-screen format for an exclusive two-week engagement.

THR has now revealed who will be guiding the new TV series – and his name should become well-known in superhero circles. According to the trade, Scott Buck (Dexter) has been selected to be the showrunner for the upcoming event series. Buck is currently the head producer on the upcoming Iron Fist show. Iron Fist is the fourth series in Marvel and Netflix’s growing library, that details the gritty underworld of the MCU’s New York City.


The Inhumans first two episodes will run in IMAX, during early September, while the show will premiere on ABC on September 26th, 2017.


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