Power Rangers Movie is Becoming a VR Experience

The big screen reboot of the Power Rangers franchise is right around the corner, with fans of the many Powers Rangers adaptations and series of the past (and present) excited to see exactly what director Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) and screenwriter John Gatins (Real Steel) have up their sleeves.

A brand new experience based on the upcoming Power Rangers movie has been unveiled – one which will allow fans the ability to get closer to their favourite characters than they’ve ever been allowed to before. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. has teamed up with Lionsgate to power the new Power Rangers virtual reality experience in Las Vegas at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show. There are also plans to take the experience across the globe.

Senior vice president and president, North America and Australia, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. issued the following statement along with the Power Rangers VR experience announcement:

“Lionsgate is at the forefront of innovative and immersive storytelling backed by a rich portfolio of premium content. We’re happy to be working with Lionsgate to create an exciting virtual reality experience for Power Rangers fans through the technologies we’ve implemented on Snapdragon 835.”

The mentioned Snapdragon 835 is the upcoming Qualcomm processor that will power the VR experience. Bringing two companies together, the VR experience is designed to allow audiences to “enter the zords of their favorite Power Ranger, embodying their powers and capabilities.” Paula Kupfer, senior vice president, global partnerships and promotions, Lionsgate adds:

“We’re delighted to team with Qualcomm Technologies on a virtual reality experience that will bring fans closer to the action of Saban’s Power Rangers as they prepare for the film to arrive on the big screen. Qualcomm Technologies’ cutting-edge VR technology provides a platform for a compelling Power Rangers experience and represents a major evolution in the fidelity and immersion made possible through mobile VR.”

power rangers movie zords Power Rangers Movie is Becoming a VR Experience

With the VR technology being further developed each and every day, it’s very exciting to see such innovative ideas for film promotion are beginning to take shape as this Power Rangers VR experience. Knowing that this is just the start of how big movie companies will be trying to sell their product in the future, there could be any number of unbelievable promotional devices in the works.

Of course, virtual reality is something that has had years of work pumped into it. Though this Power Rangers VR experience could be an exciting and compelling one, there’s every chance that it could disappoint. If the fans that are lucky enough to give the experience a go aren’t as excited coming out of the VR “ride” as they are going in, this could put other big movie companies off from making such big moves in the future.

The Power Rangers VR experience will be unveiled at the Qualcomm Technologies CES booth #10948 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, with the International CES taking place between January 5-8.


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