Rogue One Composer on the ‘Emotions’ of the Star Wars Franchise

Rogue One Composer on the 'Emotions' of the Star Wars Franchise
Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Vader Rogue One Composer on the Emotions of the Star Wars Franchise

The fact that Giacchino had only four and a half weeks to come up with the film’s soundtrack is an amazing feat in itself. All too often the original score of a film is overlooked, but in the case of something as colossal as the Star Wars franchise, the score is instantly recognizable and vital to the story itself. Giacchino maintains that he was not told to do what was done before in terms of music, but at the same time he understood that a balance needed to be struck between what came before – particularly in terms of what the Star Wars universe is – and his own personal touches as a composer to that universe.

At this point, Rogue One is expected to pull in an impressive holiday season box office haul. Should it deliver in the many ways in which fans everywhere are hoping it will, little touches that make the film its own standalone treasure will be all the more noticeable. If that ends up being the case, then Michael Giacchino’s score might one day find itself as instantly recognizable and beloved as the Star Wars anthems of the great John Williams.


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