Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool’s Academy Award Chances

Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool's Academy Award Chances
deadpool 11 Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpools Academy Award Chances

Reynolds does have a valid point. Comedy is a deceptive genre in that audiences often forget how difficult it is to consistently create laughs for the duration of a film. Whether or not Deadpool is Oscar material, however, is an altogether different issue. A huge box office gross isn’t always the sole criteria for awards recognition and although Deadpool does have its humorous moments, it plays out far more like a comic book movie than a straight comedy.

That being said, Deadpool is quite removed from the vein of standard comic book movies and that in itself played a huge role in its success. In the end, the fact that the movie is pushing the comic book movie genre in new directions is likely far more beneficial for fans than a collection of golden statues would be, anyway.


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