Star Wars: Empire Releases Set Of Rogue One Covers

Rogue One Character Poster Star Wars: Empire Releases Set Of Rogue One Covers

The theatrical release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story draws closer, and Lucasfilm is continuing their omnipresent marketing campaign for the first live-action spinoff in the franchise. New TV spots are arriving on a daily basis, the new novel Catalyst sheds a considerable amount of light on various Rogue One characters, and the latest images have given fans clear looks at the one and only Darth Vader. Moviegoers should be able to pre-order their tickets soon, but for now, all the promotional materials are enough to excite many.

Rogue One features an all-new cast of heroes that embark on the mission to steal the Death Star plans, and they’ve already received a considerable amount of time in the spotlight as the studio familiarizes viewers with them. Lucasfilm has given each member of the team their own character poster, and now they all get an individual magazine cover to commemorate the movie’s imminent premiere.

These arrive courtesy of Empire and all follow the same basic design template. The character in question strikes a pose against an ominous background featuring the Imperial super weapon looming. The collection has six in total. Check them out below:

The Star Wars franchise has always been about groups of people coming together to overcome impossible odds, and Rogue One definitely fits that bill. Many of the trailers and commercials have focused on the fact that the Rebel Alliance is severely outmatched by the Empire’s forces, and they have to rely on hope to get through their plight. It should be interesting to see how the friendships between Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, and the others from over time and if their dynamic can be as emotionally rewarding as the ones featured in earlier installments. Rogue One has an intriguing emotional with Jyn and her father, but in order for the film to connect, audiences have to buy into the team as a whole.

Fans might notice that the Empire covers promise “world-beating access” the the holiday season’s most anticipated blockbuster, but one has to wonder what more there is to learn before the film comes out. By now, Lucasfilm has set the stage very effectively, and the world premiere is right around the corner. Still, there could be an interesting tidbit or two to come out in the next few weeks (such as the Darth Vader scene description), so viewers will be watching the magazine’s coverage with a curious eye.


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