Star Wars: How Jar-Jar Influence Rogue One’s K-2SO

Star Wars: How Jar-Jar Influence Rogue One's K-2SO
Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars Phantom Menace Star Wars: How Jar Jar Influenced Rogue Ones K 2SO

It’s funny to consider that Tudyk was worried about becoming the next Jar-Jar, and it looks like he was right to trust Edwards’ judgment. K-2SO’s more humorous moments in the trailers and TV spots have been in line with the expectations Tudyk had for the character: blunt, matter-of-fact sarcastic lines about why he won’t kill Jyn Erso and the chances the team fails in their mission. Kaytoo arguably leans closer to dark comedy than anything the Star Wars movies have featured before, which makes him an exciting addition several can’t wait to see. Not only have the glimpses in promos been encouraging, K-2SO was shown throughout the 28 minutes of footage screened at the Rogue One press junket, and the reactions to that was widely positive. Granted, only little bits of each character was shown (meaning there’s a lot of K-2SO that hasn’t been seen yet), but it’s still a good sign.

The Star Wars droid legacy is well-known, as C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8 have all gone down as some of the most beloved and popular characters in the entire series. Because of this, there was an added layer of pressure to make Kaytoo stand out and become another memorable figure in the lore. By all accounts, the team was successful in this goal. Tudyk can rest easy, knowing that he may go down as one of the best parts of Rogue One in what should be another entertaining installment.


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