The Crow Reboot Now Being Produced by Davis Films

The Crow Reboot Now Being Produced by Davis Films

It is hard to think of a reboot that has had a harder time making its way to the big screen than the long-troubled remake of The Crow. After cycling through a number of directors throughout the years, and even more actors, like Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, and Jack Huston, the likelihood of The Crow reboot ever seeing the light of day was slim, to say the least. More recently, the reboot finally caught a break after director Corin Hardy was brought on and Jason Momoa was rumored to be playing the role of Eric Draven, previously portrayed onscreen by the late Brandon Lee.

A report from several months ago announced The Crow reboot would go into production in January of 2017, with Momoa set to lead the reboot just after finishing principal photography on Zack Snyder’s Justice League. After that, he was reportedly set to begin production on his 2018 standalone Aquaman film, with director James Wan.

However, THR is now reporting that The Crow reboot, titled The Crow Reborn, has officially moved from Relativity Media, and will be distributed, produced, and financed by Samuel Hadida’s Davis Films, Highland Film Group, and Electric Shadow. In a worrying bit of news, the report goes on to state that it is unclear if either Corin Hardy or Jason Momoa will remain attached to the project following this transition.

The Crow Reboot Now Being Produced by Davis Films

For what it’s worth, Edward R. Pressman, who produced the original 1994 film will now produce the reboot alongside Hadida, it has been revealed. To his credit as well, Hadida has a long history of dealing with beloved properties on the big screen, through his work on the Resident Evil and Silent Hill franchises.

Principal photography for the reboot is apparently still scheduled to take place next year, though the exact timeframe is no longer clear, which could lead to scheduling problems with cast and crew. After landing Momoa as its lead, and a promising directorial voice in Hardy, it seemed like The Crow Reborn had finally begun to gain traction behind the scenes for the first time in a long time. Now, depending on how this transition affects Hardy and Momoa’s involvement in the project, it is entirely possible this could wind up another disappointing development for fans waiting to see The Crow return to the big screen in some form or another.

The Crow reboot does not currently have a release date. Keep checking back for more updates.


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